Our specialised Menu includes various cuisines namely, Chinese, Thai and The Mongolian Barbeque.


The cuisine offered and prepared under the able and experienced guidance of the native Chinese chefs, is cooked mainly in the two styles taken from the Szechwan and Canton regions of China, and provides a large choice of delicacies prepared from Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Beef, Seafood and Vegetables.

The seasonings and marinades are well blended and compliment the principal ingredients. The actual cooking is based on very ethnically traditional forms, like barbequing, deep-frying roasting, sautéing stir-frying and steaming. It all adds up to exotic, delectable presentations.



Moving on into the Thai section, you’ll find harmony which is the guiding principle, whether chili hot or comparatively bland. Thai cuisine is essentially a marriage of centuries old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously blended into something unique.

Characteristics of Thai Food depend on who cooks it, for whom it is cooked, for what occasion and where it is cooked. Dishes can be refined and adjusted to suit all palates. Thai food is not exclusively spicy and offers an extraordinary choice of flavors principally in the form of rich curries, tangy soups, salads and stir- fried dishes.


Mongolian BBQ

The concept of the Mongolian Barbeque is literally – D.I.Y.! Do it yourself, any way you like it. And if at first you don’t get it right, go back and try again.

You could start with just one of the meats first, breaking up your meal into different courses, add the vegetables you like, throw in one or more of the sauces, and watch while our Chef sweeps it around on the flat plate and hands you your meal, in only a few moments. Of-course, since you mix your own ingredients, you take all the credit when you get it right.